Juli 29th, 2014
The hand of Tazza is faster than the eye.
The hand of Tazza reads a mind.

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Juli 27th, 2014
"I think Daegil has honest, candid charms." 
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140727 TAZZA2 ‘출발비디오여행’

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I’m actually really tender person.Actually I’m really sensitive.Even before I became a celebrity and even when I was little.

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Juli 25th, 2014
TOP & Sohee x Reebok

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Juli 24th, 2014


New pictures TOP for French Cafe http://khawah.frenchcafe.co.kr/

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Taeyang & G-Dragon’s Message for M!Countdown’s 10th Anniversary! Congratulations BigBang for winning Fav Song from 2004-2014 for “Lies”!

 *(Taeyang won “Fav Song for 2014” for Eyes, Nose, Lips as well!)

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2014 Big Bang +α Concert in Seoul (Eng Subs)


Please do not repost videos elsewhere. If using for gifs, kindly link back to the video used. Thank you and enjoy :)

*The sound is slightly out of sync with the video in part 1 and the encore of the concert, I tried several times to get them to work but they are being too stubborn. Sorry >.<

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Juli 21st, 2014



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Juli 19th, 2014

When Tabi notices the camera.

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Frustrated tabi

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the only hint we get about bigbang’s new album (trans cr: shrimpljy)

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Juli 17th, 2014